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Make your event even more special with our
handmade and personalised invitations.


Who is Remus Cards Studio?

Hi, I am Remus, the creator and owner of Remus Cards Studio.

I specialise in custom wedding and christening invitations, gift boxes and wallet cards.

All are handcrafted tailored to customer needs.

remus portrait, the owner of Remus Cards Studio

My story

Personalised Wedding Invitation

Everything started at my wedding day. Back in 2013 I was looking for personalised invitations, but to my surprise I could not find what I was looking for. This sparked the idea in me to design my own invitations using photography and customized texts.

What motivates me?

Since I created my first invitation I started exploring different approaches and styles from other printed and digital invitations to meet customers requests and wishes.


A turning point was through university projects in photography that I completed where I discovered the passion for manipulating and transforming the paper.


I understood the paper's functions and learned new skills which led me to make handmade invitations.

Christening Invitations


handmade luxury wedding invitation purple

Overtime I changed my business name on social media from Wedding and Christening Invitations UK to  Remus Cards Studio and we are here now offering a way to personalised your event stationary. 

My products are designed by you for your guests to have an amazing experience and you to feel relaxed and confident with the event of your dreams!

handmade luxury wedding invitation with diamond
handmade bee christening invitation

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