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Do you have a minimum order quantity?

No, we don't require a minimum quantity to place an order. We think setting a minimum order quantity will restrict a number of customers to buy from us and also we think about our Planet, we try very hard to minimise the waste of paper.

We love an existing design but would like some changes to suit our theme.
Is it possible?

Yes, we love to get new ideas and all products can be customised as you like. This is possible at no extra charge if we use the same materials and if you would you like to add and extra item may be an extra charge depending on the quantity and difficulty. Also it may be take longer to get your order if the materials requested are not in stock. You can request a quote anytime by filling the contact form in the contact section or by email and we will get back to you in maximum 48 hours.

We’ve found a design we love the look of. Can we order a sample?

Yes, you can order a sample just by placing a normal order and in the text box write ”SAMPLE”.

All samples are not personalised but if you have the wording text and all details you can place a normal order as there is no minimum order quantity.

Do you print in languages other than English?

Yes, we can print in any language you prefer as long you provide us the text correct written.

Also, we can make some invitations in English and some in other language as long you specify and send the text 100% correct.

What do I have prepared before placing my order?

We always recommend to have all details (quantity, dates, names, wording, venue, addresses etc.) confirmed before placing your order. This way you can avoid any mistakes and delays.

We’ve received our digital proof. What do we need to check?

First thing to check is the spelling mistakes, make sure you double check. Then you verify if the design, colours, shapes and photo (where applicable) are as shown online or the changes requested. We can’t stress enough how important is to check carefully every word in the text and the entire design before confirming the digital proof.

How long will it take for our order to arrive?

From the moment you placed the order we will check all the details and we will send you a digital proof within 48 hours which can be a screenshot of the text, a photo of the product and in some cases a short video showing the details. After we get your confirmation the order goes in production process which can take between 5 to 14 working days, for orders over 100 items can take longer. 

Once the order is ready we will send it by Royal Mail next working day or Saturday.

To avoid any disappointing or get stress out that the order wont get on time we recommend to take your time and order a decent amount of time ahead.

We recommend to get in touch by email at if you need the order faster.

Can we order more invitations if we run out?

Yes, you can order as many as you need as is no minimum order quantity but please make sure you place the order to have enough time to make it and get it. If you need the order ASAP please get in touch by email and we will do our best to receive the order on time.

Do you have matching accessories for all of our products?

As all products from our store are handmade and personalised to your needs you can get other products matching to your theme such as gift boxes and wallet money cards.

Can I cancel my order?

You may cancel your order but before the order is sent to production and you can get full refund. In case the order is already in production you won’t be able to cancel the order and any refunds won’t be possible. This is because the products are handmade and the materials are all prepared immediately after the digital proof is confirmed. In case of emergency and you can provide proof we might be able to provide a partial refund.

Can you post internationally?

At the moment Remus Cards Studio ships just in Mainland UK but we work hard to ship internationally. If you live outside UK and you still want to place an order please get in touch and we see what we can do to get your order.

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